Our story 

We are Tash and Seren, two trans non-binary people living in Wales. We created TransGiving from our tiny flat during winter 2021 to give back to our community in a way that we hoped would be meaningful and helpful during what can be a really lonely time. 

We decided to send out free affirming parcels to trans and non-binary people who may not otherwise receive anything in their chosen name or for anyone in need of some trans joy. We know that winter can be an especially tough time for trans and non-binary people, a time when we can feel isolated from our communities, when recognition and celebration of our identities can be lacking, and when funds can be particularly tight. 

We filled the parcels with treats, art, and messages of solidarity and love, and sent them out to 120 trans and non-binary people across the UK and the world. Allies donated money to buy care packages on behalf of the trans or non-binary people receiving them, and extremely generous trans and non-binary artists and makers donated art and beautiful things to be included in the parcels. 

Check out this video to find out how TransGiving began and how we sent out over 100 care packages to trans and non-binary people across the world last winter.


TransGiving is back for winter 2022

This year TransGiving is back - with a little bit more planning, time and resources! 

We have been setting aside some money so that we can also offer grants to trans and non-binary artists and makers to create some new things for this year's care parcels. These will be offered on a sliding scale and all you need to do is message us with an idea of how much you can make and which grant tier works for you.
Some people may be able to make 100+ items e.g. a print. Others may be able to make 10 items e.g. pottery/sewing/crochet. If you have additional printing or postage costs we can chat about funding these on top of your grant. If you have a healthcare fundraiser on the go, we would be happy to share it too. TRANS AND NON-BINARY PEOPLE OF COLOUR TO THE FRONT!! 

Grant tiers

  • Tier 1: I am able to meet my basic needs and have an expendable income - £25. 
  • Tier 2: I sometimes stress about meeting my basic needs but regularly still achieve them. I have some/limited expendable income - £50. 
  • Tier 3: I frequently stress about meeting my basic needs and often don't achieve them. I have no/limited expendable income - £75. 
Basic needs = housing, food, bills, transport. 
Expendable income = coffee/food out, new clothes/books, trips to the cinema etc, getting tattoos 
Drop us an email or DM on Instagram if you're interested in learning more! 
Want to donate £££ to buy a parcel on behalf of a trans or non-binary person? Check out our donations page! 
Want to sign-up to receive an affirming care package this winter? Our registration page for trans and non-binary people will be open super soon!